Reverse Osmosis FAQ

Where does the Culligan Reverse Osmosis system install?

The most convenient location is under the main kitchen sink.

How much room does the Culligan system take up under my sink?

The system will take up about half of one side under your sink Show me Link…

Where does the Culligan Spigot go?

The Culligan spigot can be installed on top of your sink in an existing hole…(sprayer nozzle, soap dispenser) or Culligan can drill another hole.

What if I have solid surface counter tops like granite or marble?

We can use an extra sprayer/soap dispenser hole or we can have a local professional drill you an additional hole. We can arrange for this to take place. This is a standard size 1 3/8 inch hole.

What if we move?

If you move across town your service can be transferred to the new homeowner. If you move out of town we will cancel your service and remove the equipment and cover any and all holes in your sink and plumbing. Often times having Culligan Service in your home is an attracting feature and will help in selling your home more quickly…At the request of the customer we often leave the Service in the home for the new buyer to trial for one month…We just need a buyer contact phone number or realtor.

Why can’t I just go buy my own system from a Big Box Store or over the internet?

Reason #1: Our Culligan Systems are superior to anything that is available in our market for several reasons
All of our Culligan systems are custom built and engineered specifically for the Brazos Valley water supply. Our Municipal water supply has a TDS of over 500 parts per million of which 250 part per million is dissolved sodium. In addition we have high amounts of Chlorine and high water pressure. The first stage in our Reverse Osmosis systems contains large amounts of activated granular carbon that can sustain the high levels of chlorine. Also we use brackish water membranes that are able to handle our heavy sodium loads. Finally, each system is built to handle our high water pressure with special O rings and pressure ratings. Systems from Big Box stores are not made to handle our water conditions. They are masses produced and often fail prematurely leaving you with tap quality water or leaks.
Reason # 2: Local and Reliable Service
  • Every Reverse Osmosis System requires routine service and maintenance. If you are not maintaining the system properly, it will eventually produce bad tasting water that is the same quality as your tap
  • Our Service department handles all of your routine service and maintenance for life so you don’t have to worry about it
  • If you were to buy your own system, you would have to spend your own time trying to maintain a piece of equipment that you are not familiar with and the frustration of being left with a 1-800 number for help. Also, you will probably not be able to locate the proper parts and filters for your system in the future. It is no different than the complexities of working on your engine in your car. Let the Water experts handle it.

How often do you service the Culligan Reverse Osmosis System?

Our Culligan Reverse Osmosis system is specifically designed to last around 18-20 months before routine maintenance is required. We place every customer on a 18 month service frequency. At that time, we will contact you via phone, email or snail mail and arrange a time for the system to be serviced. This will ensure that you’re drinking the best tasting and highest quality water that Culligan can provide. If you are on our full service plan, anytime you have problems we will send out a professional service man to fix the problem at no charge.

What does the Culligan Reverse Osmosis System remove?

Our system removes 98-99% of all the contaminants that may be in your water. This includes sodium and chlorine, leaving you with an endless supply of great tasting water right at your fingertips.

Does the water taste like bottled water?

Yes!……Since the majority of water that is bottled is Reverse Osmosis. Except you don’t have to lift, store and pay by the gallon for cumbersome bottled water when you have a Culligan Reverse Osmosis System. You have an endless supply at your fingertips for less than pennies a glass…

Can I hook it up to my icemaker?

Yes, the system most likely can be hooked to your icemaker. It is depending on your plumbing and location of your refrigerator. Some new homes are pre-plumbed to their icemaker. Having a Culligan Reverse Osmosis system hooked to your icemaker will not only ensure the best tasting and clear ice, but also will protect the life of your solenoid valve that controls the icemaker. It is usually best for us to come out and look to see if your icemaker can or cannot be hooked to the Culligan system.

What if I am planning on building?

If you are planning on building make sure your builder knows that you want a Culligan Reverse Osmosis system installed in your kitchen. In the early building stages have your builder pre-plumb from the kitchen sink a line to your refrigerator or ice machine. You can also have us contact your builder to ensure that your home is properly plumbed before that slab is poured.

Do I need a whole house filter?

If you are on a Municipal Water supply such as College Station Utilities, BTU, Wixon, Wellborn, or Brushy creek then you have soft water and there is no need for a whole house softening system. If you are on a private well or some other water supply please see our private well section.

What are the benefits of having a Culligan Reverse Osmosis System in my home vs. buying bottle water?

Buying bottled water requires lifting, storing and paying by the gallon. With a Culligan Reverse Osmosis System, you never again have to lift a heavy bottle of water or buy expensive large jugs or small bottles of water. All the great tasting water you need is right at your fingertips. You can have an endless supply of great tasting water to be used for cooking, tea, coffee and watering plants without the worry of spending too much for bottled water.

What about the small filters that are in my refrigerator or I can put on my faucet?

These filters are carbon filters. They only remove chlorine and particulates. They DO NOT remove sodium. The only way to remove sodium is through Reverse Osmosis. Since these filters only are designed to remove chlorine the water does not taste as good as through Reverse Osmosis.

So how much is it going to cost?

  • Full Service Option
  • Purchase Option

How much water does the Culligan System produce?

It will produce up to 50 gallons per day. You will have approximately 2.5 gallons on call at any given time.

How long will it take to install?

It usually takes about 1 hour to install. Running additional lines to ice makers will take longer.

How do I arrange for installation?

You can either click here to schedule installation or call our office @ 846-0000